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This project takes inspiration from combination and dissection puzzles, especially theTangram, which aim is to combine the seven shapes it is composed of (the tans) in different ways in order to generate new shapes.
Following this principle I focused on simple geometric shapes that I overlaid and combined together to create more complex patterns.

The result is a collection of digitally printed and screen-printed wallpapers that can be hung in various ways.

My aim was to explore playful and dynamic patterns so I also experimented with animation and projection to create an installation where a wall of monochrome wallpaper would be used as a surface to project a colourful animation onto.

Screen Printing


The collection of screen printed wallpaper was realised combining a few simple shapes and textures with bright colours. 

The final result is two 10 meters wallpaper lengths and a range of smaller wallpaper samples that explore colour combinations.




Monochrome digitally printed wallpaper (50cmx3m).

The patterns were inspired by my screen print experiments and were part of an installation where they would come to life as a colourful animation was projected onto it.

(See bottom of page for the video).



I also investigated how one pattern could be repeated to create several others. These digital explorations show how one roll of wallpaper could be positioned in multiple ways to create many different combinations.


4.5mx3m installation.

Projection of coloured animation on monochrome wallpaper.

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